Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alternate universe

I am meeting a good friend tonight at a boston institution. Or at
least a trendy steakhouse. I feel like I have crossed into another

Men in pinstripe suits with cufflinks and ties and wingtips and pot
bellies and ripped muscles, everywhere. A veritable sea of puffed up
blue and grey, smelling faintly of expensive aftershave and cognac.
And hair gel - copious hair gel.

And women wearing that work inappropriate coctail-length mini dress,
intently looking both sexy and sophisticated - and only mildly
intelligent. Everyone either seems to belong or is trying hard to
appear to belong. And then there I am - looking reasonably cute - but
in my happy new designer denim and a blazer - not at all fitting in.

I didn't know this existed. In boston. When presumably these people
should be so sad about the financial situation....

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