Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The a'monk in action

I am somewhere in the greater boston area, parked in a corporate lot
waiting for my meeting (why can't these places ever be located near a
starbucks? Or a cvs? Why?)

A man in a honda pilot just pulled in near me. At an angle, on a
straight parking spot. Covering two spaces. So only a mini may fit in
the adjacent spot. He got out of his car and walked away.

I have no words, but do have a strong desire to key his car.
Naturally, I won't. But if someone did, I would cheer a little.

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Capt. BS said...

The standard course of action that I've seen taken when this situation occurs in the greater Boston area (I have about 8 separate data points) is to scrawl an angry and/or profanity-laced note on a napkin (preferably from Dunkin Donuts) and place it underneath the driver's side windshield wiper, facing inward.

Example: a few years ago, in the Burlington Mall's parking lot (packed on a busy shopping weekend), someone parked their Chevy Tahoe across the two spaces closest to the mall entrance. I remember there being at least three such napkins, whose messages ranged from a simple and straightforward "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE" to a multi-sentence rant tying the driver's lack of consideration to the vehicle's oversized environmental impact (and the implied ignorance underlying both).

Personally, I opt for terse, bone-cutting sarcasm. When someone recently parked their Z3 in the middle of my building's garage (which is never more than half full) just so they could be three steps from the elevator, the note I left was only three words: "YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL."