Saturday, September 20, 2008

cinnamon apple and the harvest moon

driving into boston on friday night; coming in off of 84 there appeared all of a sudden a 3/4 orange yellow harvest moon, so low in the sky to the left. it came in and out, and it dipped in and out of the horizon, with the moon roof open and the radiohead blaring, and yes, this is the way to come into new england on a friday night.

now we find ourselves, in the aftermath of an afternoon of apple picking and attending a sublime wedding at the audobon park in belmont ma, ensconced here in lilac's kitchen. blogging, cooking apples - apple upside down cake and muffins and apple cider. brian is pensive on a chair, pondering something on his phone.

today the mailman came by as we sat on the steps of a brookline house and said it was the last official day of summer.

and so it is; and it's been a messy and chaotic summer, and we want to all acknowledge that, and say, we're glad it's over; and we look forward to a fall that is at once melancholy but warm, slightly orange, and cinnamon spiced.

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