Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the GRID post

being friends with lilac has taught me some things about grid computing. today i met with lucent alcatel, which has a product called datagrid.

So this is why datagrid is so cool: This is a very low-latency (1-2 milisecond) middleware server that can pass data between a collection of back-end databases and front-end applications. Unlike Tivoli or other traditional IT middleware, it has much less latency. Currently runs on Solaris or Linux. Eventually will move to IT environments, e.g. Intel. Started out as a technology for HLR applications (Home Location Register, a way to do authenticate a wireless phone as the phone roams from location to location) and then became more robust to use more generically. For example they use it to do single-sign on for customer care reps at Sprint. He also mentioned they run in a vmware environment, but not sure I can fully appreciate the beauty of this.

How neat is that? And for the technologists out there, help me correct my logic gaps. I think i got the nouns right, if not the verbs.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

fascinating. it's griddy.. but my big question would be - does it pass data at that latency across a LAN or WAN? since really, to be griddy, you need multi-location crossplatform support. But still, super cool. Bonus points if they have an algorithm that minimizes latency based on pattern recognition and traffic patterns.

Who knows, I might go telco yet! we seem to have an impact on each other. GO GRID!