Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happiness is a little bit of slumming

funny things which made me happy upon my arrival to san francisco at midnight.

the taxi ride. approached by a slightly hopped up fake taxi driver, who offered me a ride for "45 dollars cash, because money talks and bullshit walks" i decided to take it. he drove me in a beat up mercedes that smelled of left over kimchi, to the sounds of isaac hayes. and his card was "classy limo".

got to the hotel, eschewing the mini bar and the cheesy looking "urban tavern" i headed across the street with $20 in my pocket and my hotel key, and nothing else, not even a phone or newspaper to my name. and ran into... a 24 hour indian restaurant with so many people there it was not even funny! and the food was so authentic and heavenly, right down to the free tea dispenser in the corner. mmm... onion naan.

it was awesome. i love slumming.

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