Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel special

Nothing makes a girl feel more special than sitting in a room the size
of an airplane hanger, on a folding chair, with 15000 of my best
friends, listening to the keynote at this conference.

It is, if nothing else, cozy.

On another few trade show notes:

A) if you or anyone you know has the ability or knowledge of how to
coordinate the donation of trade show bags to children in need of
schoolbags here or abroad, please let me know. The latest messenger
bag on my arm is already landfill ready.

B) no one needs another non-nalgene water bottle. Nobody.

C) if you happen to be the ceo of a large company that is traded on
the nasdaq. And you happen to be opening up your companys conference,
in the midst of a disasterous market week. And this is your first
major public appearance, don't wear a dark gray shirt with green pants
that look well loved. It makes me think "this man will not save the
stock price"

D) I may continue to blog about bad trade show toys. It is time to
document the madness. Pri- didja get anything good last week?

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1 comment:

Priya said...

negative on the ctia trade show front. it was a small conference. there weren't even any women in body paint hawking immediately forgotten products. i briefly coveted a biodegradable cloth bag but was too lazy to pursue. one vendor did stick a pen in my hand. another played with a nifty looking yo yo but was too rude to offer me one.