Friday, September 12, 2008

I swear, we didn't place it!

I've discussed product placement on the blog before, mostly in the context of the Shake It Like a Polaroid and Double Your Pleasure song lyrics. I'm always a fan of it - for the blatant commercialism - and am currently pondering emailing friends at Chapstick to learn whether They Kissed a Girl and They Liked It.
Still.. I never thought my would have the financial means to place our name in a song. In fact, we don't. But, we're in! My startup has a totally non-obvious name - so it isn't as if we're called Gumdrop or Booty, which would be easy enough. No, we have a nonsense compound-word name of the sort you make up when you really need a free URL. So, it was unusual to find our name as the title of a DJ Remix of a song done by Kanye and a crew of other musicians too cool for my knowledge. Yo. Yeah, that's totally us. Badass programmers from the South Side.. er.. of.. Yo! I'm Feelin' That.
Sadly, the name of my company didn't seem to appear in the song. But we are the name of the remix. And it isn't half bad. If Kanye weren't so lewd, I think we'd play it at our trade show booth! 
p.s. my beloved friend and colleague reminded me that I tell the blogosphere constantly about the trials of my position and challenges inherent to junior executive life. Thanks for listening, btw. But he felt it is only fair to share with you that I did get promoted yesterday - to a senior director. And yes, I'm super-excited about that. Not unlike a giant lollipop, the fun of getting recognized never gets old.

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