Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sometimes, you have to moan. Moan.

It has been a lovely but hectic weekend, offset not at all by a series
of interrupted nights of sleep - and by a lingering cold that keeps me
alternating between a cough and a kleenex.

Cousins in town, a whirlwind tour of boston and the outlet malls, a
crazy work week before - and now - before my cousins even left my
place, I am back at the airport, coughing up a lung.

The excellent cold vegan noodle meal is absent - and I am stuck with a
wolfgang puck salad (ew). I am starving, having woken up by 7am on a
sunday. I am heading to vegas ... And now I am delayed. 45 minutes.

A week in vegas - for work. That means waking up before the sun, and
working until after 10. No quiet time. I need quiet time. Sigh.

All I want is a home cooked meal and a quiet night on my couch. Can
someone fax me that?

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