Friday, September 5, 2008

Mommy, How do I Make Soup?

Today I went to the grocery store to stock up after 10 days away from home. I was down to a cracker and some weird flavors of soup that I'm considering donating at thanksgiving. So, it was a rather big shopping trip. But I didn't account for the newest infestation: The students.
Students are back. With a vengeance. and those adorable co-eds are going to the supermarket for the first time on their own, buying 100 types of chips, wandering aimlessly through the produce section, and finally, calling mom to ask just how to make their favorite pasta dish. I recall those days... I *will* learn to cook. Uh huh. Or - OR - you can eat at the caf, which is both faster and easier. And they have an ice cream machine.
It was like driving a Ferrari in a driver's ed track. Painful.


Priya said...

it's wierd when you see that someone seems out of place in a grocery store but completely at home at a pizza joint.

Magnetic said...

I'ts painfull driving the Ferrari around all the careless seasoned drivers also.