Sunday, September 28, 2008

most ridiculous dog costumes - actually they are sublime

i just hurt something in my throat laughing to hard.  thanks to sheri who scouted these lovely costumes online!

option 1 - caveman with spooky dinosaur sidekick.  begging the question - what's the point of the spooky dinosaur sidekick?  why are dinosaurs spooky?  is it a velociraptor?  now that would actually be creepy


option 2 - native american dog.  note the floppy peruvian hat which can be reused later in the winter.  note the sassy faux moccasins at the paws.  the only thing missing is a drum strapped to his midsection and a nasty case of smallpox.  thank the heavens for frontline.


Sheri said...

option 3: police dog. Note the patent leather blue jacket and metal handcuffs attached to the jacket. So cute and SO dangerous.

option 4: grandmother dog. Note the Carol Burnett style wig, reminiscent of "Mama's Family" and the smell of Jean Nate applied to your dog's pressure points.

Somebody stop me, I could do this all day.....

Priya said...

Jean Nate! Handcuffs! Arrrrrr.....