Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nearly Perfect Oatmeal

Sorry for being MIA. The thongcharm ladies have had a LOT going on this month. And I tried to take a few days off at Chez Bf-'s Parents, which was lovely except for the headcold. Sigh. no rest for the wicked.
So today, in an effort to start my big day right, I went to Starbucks and tried their new oatmeal. The upside: Oatmeal --- everywhere!!! They did the packet of dried fruit just right (even cherries!). The oatmeal itself is pretty good. Not great, but seems to be water-based, which in my current lactose state, is perfect. People can add milk if they like. Only, they left FAR too much room for milk.. That was my big complaint. Fill up the container, people! I think I may have been the only one to order it today, as the mercury climbs to 90 in boston... but mmm ... oatmeal.
More on the drama as it unfolds...

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