Monday, September 22, 2008

On Pork Day

My boyfriend is moving in this Saturday. I love him dearly, and thus, I'm not terribly worried that I'll discover that he's satan's spawn. And I've lived with a few people in my past - my family, as well as an array of good roomies (Shout Out to Singapore!) and horrific ones (Curse you, Fiona Apple!). But, I've never lived... with a boy.
I'm sure there are 100 things to worry about. But the one that troubles me most is my propensity to concoct weird things for dinner that make me happy - but make no sense. Like tonight's Priya-inspired dinner of eggplant and tomato with soy sauce and garlic over whole wheat couscous. With corn on the cob.  Yeah, it's like 2 weight watchers points, but more importantly, it made me happy. But, I can't imagine the boy ever eating anything like that. Ever.
Maybe I'll save my madness for "You're on your own, honey" day. Or Pork-day.

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Matt Bovell said...

Congrats on the "lifestyle change" and now like the old fashioned guy I am, I ask ya:

Are wedding bells gonna be ringing soon? :-)