Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts on a Mini Skirt

To our Jewish readers, Happy New Year!!!
And to celebrate this new year, I went to services today at a rather illustrious and beautiful local synagogue. You can't argue with a temple that nice. However, I will argue with the teenage girls.
For the first time in my life, I went to Rosh Hashana services without scouting for a guy. Friend of TC, LH, who I met on such an occasion, will validate that statement. (Last year, I didn't go - being out of town - and also happily dating B) So, this experience was nice and low-pressure. Which was good since the pickin's were slim.
However, it left me ample time to notice the tweenieboppers - or 19 year olds - it is so hard to tell what age these girls are. You're at a synagogue. For the high holidays. I'm not gonna lie - it's a meat market and a fashion show. BUT... this is not a time to show off your gams. There were multiple girls flaunting their cellulite-free upper thighs, trying in vain to pull down the skirt as they teetered by on 4 inch platform heels. They looked hot - I'd have let them into Gypsy Bar on friday night - but this was a holiday! In a religious venue! When you are asked to sit and stand and sit and stand about 100 times, so every single crossed-leg skirt tuck had to be repeated. Over and over. and one girl's skirt was even fraying open at the seams!
Girls, let me tell you - you're gorgeous and young... you don't need to hard sell the goods. 3 more inches of skirt, and I promise, you'll still have your pick of the non-existent boys at shul... all of whom are still coming to terms with their stubble.
Shana Tova!

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