Wednesday, September 17, 2008

to erikka at sixapart

to erikka and the sixapart crew:

we really loved meeting you last week and hearing that our little blog has one of the sillier names out there. and getting the encouragement to ditch our day jobs and revert to a backroom where we source charms and sew them into thongs. let us know next time we dimsum!

priya & lilac


Erikka said...

when ThongCharm wants to go big, please let us know at Six Apart so that we can give you a proper web presence :)

I think you should make a 2-bejeweled charm asap - one with an outline of Sarah Palin's top-to-bottom outline (a la Dukes of Hazard) and the 2nd with the Republican animal (whatever it is).

sarah said...

We loved meeting you too! I've been reading back through the blog - you and Lilac are such great writers. Love it!

Do let us know when you're ready to take ThongCharm global. I'm sure Erikka and I could come up with ideas for a killer social-media-marketing campaign. :-).