Sunday, September 28, 2008

A two part post

Part 1 - the news

Internets, part 2 of this post has made me post part 1. For symantic
reasons. My lovely boyfriend is no longer that - rather, he is... My
fiance. A word I hate. But then "future husband" also males me say "
aack!." So for now, he'll be B. Anyhoo - we are engaged!! And I am
still staring at my left hand all day. Yay!!

Part 2 - not the RAs - plural

B moved in this weekend. And he had some great college furniture which
we felt was high time we passed on to coeds in need. And rather than
curbing it during yesterdays hurricane rains, we waited till today and
left it all in the lobby next to the stupid bikes of my potsmoking
undergrad neighbors.

As I left this morning, the girl was walking into her apartment with
the end table. There was no "free" sign posted. She just.. Took.. It.
And since I was there, she asked if it was up for grabs - which it
was. And I would rather see it gone than rotting outside. But... Just
took it. Makes me want to just take her bike one day.

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Kim said...

Congratulations!! :) Yay!!

Priya said...


Capt. BS said...

Yes, congratulations!!