Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And I'm a Pretty Pretty Princess

I went dress shopping last night, brought on by the threat of a discontinued gown, and wow - I must tell you. Every girl should go dress shopping at least once a decade. Just for fun. It is quite the experience. I can't speak more highly for the lovely lady at Yolanda's in Boston, who was extremely kind, patient, and adventurous.  She listened to me - and at the same time - utterly ignored what I had to say. And kept bringing amazing dresses out.
And this is what I learned:
A) Everyone's right. You truly have no idea what you want. I hate it when everyone's right. Damned common sense.
B) That big, poofy tulle number is SO FUN. You feel like a princess in a disney movie... and if you can afford the extra 300 sq. feet of reception space to accommodate the tulle, go for it. When else can you look like that without someone thinking you're a refuge from the lights parade?
C) I mocked my mom when she said "the fabric is everything." People. The Fabric is everything. I tried on gorgeous silk satin gowns that were so so soft - and alarming poly numbers that made me think back on one too many 1990s bridesmaid experiences. Minus the tea length teal touches.
D) Elvis's white jumpsuit is available in a dress. Only with a floral belt buckle.
E) With that much boning, corsetting, and structural complexity, these things WILL make you look slim and shapely. Whether you like it or not. And you'll like it.
F) Everyone out there wearing a dress that looks hideous, sausage-like, ridiculous, ill-fitted, or otherwise tragic - all those beautiful girls weren't being open minded enough. And I say that having found multiple dresses in multiple styles in multiple price ranges that would have looked gorgeous on the big day....
But only one won my heart... I'll see if absence makes my heart grow fonder.. and make a decision soon. After at least 1 more visit to a bridal shop - it's really that much fun!

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