Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inadvertant Pole Dancer

I love my Wii Fit. I don't fit enough, and I'm modestly depressed that it grunts when you stand on it - but I love the games, I love the crazy wii aerobics, and I love the yoga lady who tells me to center on the yellow bubble. I played for over an hour yesterday, broke a light sweat, and feel achy today - and was orders of magnitude happier for the experience. 


My neighbor, bless her heart, told me that she could see me through my blinds, which I think were oriented up and not down. And she reported that she saw me doing something like pole dancing. 

Me?? Pole Dancing? I have already vowed to everyone that I shan't drag anyone to any pole dancing class ever, and especially not for any bachelorette festivities. 

And then I realized. I was Wii Fitting. Specifically, I was doing Advanced Hula Hoop. Which, as you can imagine, is a rather provocative hip-swirling behavior. And, which, for the record, I was very good at. Though, Kat and Magnetic* - when you threw those extra hoops at me, I wasn't much good at catching them! 

*We've created Mii avatars of our friends so we can play with our friends. And thus, in the Wii Fit world, you're often working out with your friendly Miis. I love Molson Baseball.

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Priya said...

argh! being seen through window screens is one of the biggest fears i had of boston life. specially when i lived on the 1st floor that was on the ground floor and there were tons of people less than 5 feet away on the street.