Wednesday, October 8, 2008

moment of heloiseness

Tip to the clumsy -
if you are like me, and put on your deodorant, and then realize you need a long sleeve shirt, and thus take off the old shirt and put on a new shirt, and then see those excellent deodorant stripes all over your sides - this one is for you.
Rubbing Alcohol.  I keep it in a spray bottle, since it asphyxiates flying insects to their ultimate death or squashable state (on the ground, twitching), with minimal impact on the decor (imagine, spray starch or hairspray residue on the couch. ick! alcohol disappears). It also melts deodorant.
Now, I tend to use it on cotton. So, don't send me the bill if your favorite crushed velvet jacket loses its shine due to the stuff - spot test and all that. But, it just works, with minimal rubbing. Ironically.
You can thank me later.

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