Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Pretty is the topic of the day. Sarah Palin may be not be many things, but she is, by most metrics, pretty.  Not gorgeous, but definitely pretty.
Someone pretty just entered my world too. It can't be denied - he is pretty. And, after the initial shock wears off (I work in software, this isn't a common thing), I find I sort of dislike pretty. For the same reasons I dislike it in Sarah Palin.
  1. Pretty is distracting. I prefer someone to be pleasant looking, but not distracting from their own words and message. Particularly in work and in politics, I prefer to concentrate on the content, not the person.  
  2. Pretty people seem to be self-aware of their prettiness. This means they come off as a little overly proud of themselves - or smug about it - which is an unpleasant personality trait.
  3. Pretty people seem to leverage their pretty. This is how I know they know. They wink and smile, and don't necessarily finish their own sentences properly, because they can just laugh it off and distract you with their facial expressions. Like flashing something shiny at you so you forget what you were looking for. It feels downright manipulative, though I suspect it is more innate than concious. But my reaction is to want to smack them and say "JUST TALK TO ME."
I've worked with plenty of really attractive people who are not... "pretty"... meaning that when I see them, I think "wow, they are good looking" and am able to put that away and have a real conversation. And, for the record, they are often people I find far more attractive than those I deem "pretty." But, I feel as though those folks aren't doing anything to remind me of their looks - they just are what they are - and move on. Of course, you could say this is my own personal neurosis (which it might be!) but I think the Sarah Palin problem demonstrates that at least my neurosis is shared among a good subset of the population... I think...
Am I right? Am I making things up?

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Priya said...

i think you're dead on. there are people who 'lead with' being pretty. it permeates their every move. they make funny pouty faces and smile too brightly and you can just see that thought that goes through their mind is 'damn i'm so pretty while i'm saying this. this is a pretty person talking'.

if anything, it's that the person is not authentic, and the lack of authenticity distracts from the message they are trying to give.