Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rant #476

I am in a really pissy mood today. For no reason except for the weather, a general feeling of malaise, and exhaustion brought on by nothing in particular. But I'm really feeling pissy.
And, here's my rant:
If you happen to be my bank, with whom I have trouble, generally, due to their inability to send me an email when I run low on funds - but their overwhelming ability to send me 1-2 emails a day on random spam, and you note I may have had said customer service issue in the past 24 hours, and have removed myself from the spam list so as to attempt to separate the nonexistent wheat from the chaff...
And - if you happen to be some dumbass sales representative trying to sell me BONDS and STOCKS during the worst financial crisis since the great depression...
THEN - I would appreciate if you didn't call me all serious sounding and leave the message "Hi, this is Bill Rogers from Bank of Dumbassitude, and I would appreciate if you returned my call at your earliest convenience.
Since that implies that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY ACCOUNT.  And when I find out you're a salesguy, I will hate you and your entire division of Bank of Dumbassitude forever.
And I can say that now, since I'm in sales. As of... 14 minutes ago.

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