Monday, October 13, 2008

Wedding Rant #2

Location Location Location. We went to see some this weekend. It was amazing to me that we arrived at one historic location with an absolutely stunning building. In truth, it wouldn't have worked for us, as the indoor space was not suited to a >50 person wedding. However, I was shocked by the upkeep. 
The representative barely knew how to describe each room of this wood-lined old estate. The grounds were gorgeous, but poorly maintained - there were dead and drying flowers in the gardens. And while we visited, a brunch event was going on - and outside in the tent, the remnants of last week's wedding were still in plain view - they hadn't made the smallest effort to make the view from the dining area pleasant for the guests.  I couldn't help but think - next year this time, would I want to arrive to such a scene on my wedding day?
And, on a totally trivial note, if you're going to have a "library room," fill the shelves with something other than de-dust-jacketed copies of Michael Creichton books...

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Priya said...

oh snap! that library is pa-the-tic. villagers in africa wouldn't read a dusty copy of congo if you paid them. and i should know cuz it's crighton's worst book ever.