Sunday, November 16, 2008

A fashion theory

Let me bounce this off you, internets, and you can tell me if it
sticks... Or makes any sense.

I have seen some truly alarming outfits lately. Like, things that made
friends ask "is she a transvestite?". Layering that dizzys the mind.
Colors that recall cyndi lauper. And here is what I think:

A good chunk of society dresses so poorly that "what not to wear" is
an international smash hit. And hopefully that makes some people
reconsider hawaiian prints, skinny jeans, and patchwork dresses.
Almost a public service. However - there is some subset that dressed
normally (cardigans and trousers and such) that took clinton and kelly
as a call to action - to become more fashion forward. But, that is
dangerous stuff. Some probably succeeded, and a whole bunch are
running around in:

Grey suiting-style shift dresses with long sleeve white shirts
underneath and 80s style neckties. With short sleeve suiting jackets
on top. With red belts and red shoes.

Yeah. Not okay. So I will stick to my newfound love of layering -
shirts under v-necks, possibly with more interesting jewelry, and try
to stay off TLC.

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1 comment:

Nina said...

So you don't think people should wear colourful clothes that they like because they're dressed 'badly'. When you watch shows like 'What not to wear' don't you think people look bland afterwards, like they're all from the pages of a magazine that only has one stylist and one photographer?