Monday, November 3, 2008

How could you not?

I have to say, with the overwhelming number of free give aways, the ridiculous amount of advertising and propaganda, and the unrelenting media coverage, how can anyone really *not vote* this year? 

Let's leave aside the topic of being undecided in an election that, in truth or through rhetoric, has managed to divide two middle-of-the-road candidates into polar opposites of the spectrum in every respect. I can barely comprehend the possibility of being undecided, unless you're of the "less of evils" camp. But, that aside - 

If you are registered to vote. And you will be home. How can you justify just not doing it? Heck, half the country (not my half) has already pre-voted! I am trying to imagine the rationalizations - in a country that managed to Text IDOL07 ten trillian times last season:

  • I prefer to retain the right to complain about whoever wins
  • I really can't be bothered to have an opinion on Iraq, education, the economy, abortion, or any other vaguely relevant issue, since none of them affect me
  • I'm a 3rd day adventist
  • I believe all voting machines to be fundamentally broken, and thus do not believe my vote would tally properly anyways
  • In my state, we always end up voting Democrat/Republican so by the power of the electoral college, I declare my vote meaningless
  • Eh.My favorite Simpsons episode is on

After this election, I think everyone who didn't vote should be made to complete a small form indicating which response is theirs - and be put on probation for the next 3 elections, which, for most of us, involve having an opinion on the current zoning of the third block of main street, and the town councilman who can control it with an iron fist.... you know.. the real issues.

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Priya said...

i propose that anyone who doesn't vote should move to iraq and give their vote to someone who actually cares about citizenship and what that means.