Monday, November 24, 2008

No more maxx

Iwas always a regular tj maxx shopper. I loved their random stuff -
bags, socks, etc. But today, I quit. I bought a bag last week - a
nice bag, but certainly nearly half the price of their highest end

Today I returned it, in part because it didn't fir my laptop. I had
tags on and a reciept from the same store to which I was returning it.

The clerk called a manager to ID the bag. She opened every zipper and
said she remembered something vaguely like it, and asked twice if
there was a reciept. And it was clear not only the bag but the price
paid (on the tag!) were at issue. Then, satisfied, I got to swipe my
card for a refund.

Then - the clerk called another manager to approve the refund. That
woman again pawed the bag, and again asked if there was a reciept.

Through it all, I felt like a theif! I bought a bag for a hundred
bucks, and returned it a week later. And I felt like I was trying to
pull a fast one. And like they could have said no! I would have been

So, from now on, no more than socks will be bought there. it is no fun
feeling like you're knicking stuff!

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