Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pinch Me

I woke up this morning stupid early to get down to Maryland, which, much to my unending joy, is now a blue state. 

As I awoke, in my mind was a message - "Barack Obama won!" and it seemed hardly real.  

I have never been"into politics" in any way, but this man made me watch debates. 

I've always believed in some grander conspiracy-like theory that decisions are made with information we will never have, which alone got me through the Dubya years (Maybe he knows something we don't know - and thus we can't evaluate it properly as idiotic?) With Obama, for some reason, the crutch is gone. I have faith that he will actually think through the issues - and while he might not come out on my side every time, I have confidence that he will have a coherent set of reasons for his decision. 

I believed that Obama would win - and that it would spare me the pain of the alternative. The Campaign-trail McCain creature - who was far more distasteful than his authentic, thoughtful, touching  Concession-Speech self - was not a move forward, but didn't terrify me as much as a raw, visceral repulsion from the folksy beauty queen. I knew 4 years of her would leave my TV in grave peril, as I controlled every impulse to hurl dishware at her visage.

What I did not expect, as I have never felt it before, was to not just feel relief - but to feel inspiration.  I'm far to cynical to get inspired by much, but Barack Obama melted this grinch's heart. I have to admit... I do believe that things can get better. And, moreover, that this man could reasonably pull people together into action enough to make it so. 

He inspired me last night - with his intelligence, his humanity, and his leadership - as he did millions of others. And we're counting on those qualities for the next 4 years... and yes, we can.

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Matt Bovell said...

What an appropriate title for this blog entry. Yes, I'm still pinching myself three days later. Every time I hear "President-elect Obama" on the news my first instinct is to double check whether or not I'm accidentally playing a movie off my Tivo. Then I realize it's true.

It's almost surreal. This might sound like a terrible analogy but the last time I had this feeling was September 11, 2001. I kept thinking I was watching a Bruce Willis movie but it was reality. Skyscrapers were really tumbling down.

Now, happily, this 2008 version of truth being stranger than fiction has me incredibly stoked for what the next four years will bring. I used to ignore Bush press conferences (what few he had) but I can't wait to tune into Obama's press conferences!