Sunday, November 30, 2008

that is so.. pastoral

this whole organic movement is silly.   back to the farm types who preach that we must return to our so-called natural state to live as we were supposed to.  there is no natural state of perfection. 

to all you budding neo pastoralists, i will say:

first, just remember an organic cookie is still a cookie, even if it comes in a nice package at trader joe's.  it may actually have more calories and fat than an evil corporate processed 100 calorie snack pack.  the delusion that one is drenching themselves in good organic food is irresistable, but also wrong.  (ok, i admit that i was tempted at trader joes ok)

my ancestors didn't sit around eating perfectly balanced meals of lean meats and fish, whole grains and nuts.  in fact they ate a whole lot of veggies, fruits, spices, rice, cow fat and dairy, and not much else.  ghee.  they ate a whole hella lot of high fat, ghee.  i truly do not want to return to the practices of my ancestors.  i would already be dead of coronary disease.

in most parts of the world, the 'farm' is still associated with a lack of electricity, non- flouridated water, limited access to clean drinking water, lack of dental care and birth control. i don't know what kinda farm you were thinking of....  have you ever sat in total darkness at 8pm with nothing to do other than get bit by mosquitos?  well don't try it anytime soon, it's boring as hell.

in our so called natural state, we did not live a simple life of hard work and daily meditation sessions.  the work was backbreaking, frequently we were semi enslaved, we worked every day till we died and there was no escape.  in india, there were some dudes who gave up everything and became forest meditators (the sanyaasis) but they were few in number and relied on being fed handouts by productive members of society.  frequently they also wandered the markets naked (actually they still do).

onward ho, neo pastoralists!

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