Sunday, November 2, 2008

we are the worst

so... we went to iraq in order to give iraqi citizens the ability to vote.  and some of them had to endure severe hardships to do so.

and in our country, after 8 years of a president with a 22% approval rating, starbucks has to offer a special gift to get people to vote?  and people complain about waiting 1/2 hour to vote?

what gives?

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Capt. BS said...

No kidding. When I saw that ad, at first I thought it was an inspirational message from a random 527-ish organization trying to build a sense of practical unity around the election's outcome, whatever it may (or will) be... but when the Starbucks logo popped up, I exclaimed aloud "Are you shitting me?!" (thereby causing Lilac to erroneously think I was mired in an especially painful debugging session)

There's absolutely no reason that the last eight years should have left anyone with the idea that they don't have a reason to vote, whether that reason is repairing the damage to our country's economy, ideals, and reputation, or fear of higher taxes and/or imminent socialism and/or electing someone who may have at one point in his life associated with someone who was not completely sound of mind and body at all points in their life (like most of us, naturally).