Friday, December 5, 2008

Tivo Guilt's Cousin

I read an article on CNN the other day on Tivo Guilt - which is SO true. Our new plasma TV is on some unending colorblocking cycle these days, turning our living room into a weirdly slo-mo club scene, sans bad music, and our Tivo (okay, DVR) keeps amassing programming that I feel an urgency to "clean up".

But worse than that... RSS Guilt. My feeds come from about 25 sources, of which some are work (boring, and often unread), fun ( gets read almost immediately), friends (also, can't wait to do it) and news. And then... Perez. Perez is the most prolific man on earth. And keeping my RSS reader open at work just makes me feel like I *should* be keeping up with things. What if Scott Adams wrote something fascinatingly relevant? What if Marc Jacobs is wearing another dress? What if people are dying in India? What if my industry has announced something huge-which-never-happens-but-still???

I decided to turn it off. All of this can wait till after the christmas cards are done. I mean, I don't think Suri cares if I didn't see her in that darling dress on Broadway....


Priya said...

love the blog post title

Matt Bovell said...

Great post and oddly relevant today since I just deleted a couple of RSS feeds from Outlook and to my horror saw all the unread stats on my other feeds.

This just proves that the always-connected world we live in just adds more darn stress!