Sunday, March 8, 2009

Advertising killed the Experience

Advertising sucks.  Here's what I think.  The older your prefered communication method, the more voluminous, annoying and less creative the advertising.  

- Driving on the Highway - Roadside Signs
- Television - Horrid commercials.  They make me attention deficited and nauseous.  Yes, nauseous.  Even DVR doesn't help.
- Landline Phone - I have it off the hook because I haven't given my number to anyone, and yet it rings 10 to 15 times a day with telemarketing, usually robodialers
- Mail - Direct mail, need I say more
- the Internet - If I see any more pop-ups and other crazy crap... thankfully it's easy to ignore most advertising in Webmail and Google Search
- Spam mail.  Thankfully Gmail filters it all out.
 - the Radio - the WORST 

What I'm saying is: Please oh please leave my cell phone alone.  Let something be sacred.  I'm already starting to get courtesy calls to that number and it makes me ill.

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