Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A big geek surrounded by lesser geeks

I am at a geek conference this week. I know, I am a veteran
participant of these events. But this one has a nice change. It is
quite a bit smaller than the Vegas variety. And quite a bit nerdier.

How, you ask? How can it get any more geek...tastic?

Well, since you asked.

*Almost everyone is a vendor. So the nerds are leading the nerds. Its
like a big ol nerd choir being preached to by giant nerd heros.

*More than half the keynotes have sported a German accent.

*The event runs for 12 whole hours today. 12.

*Keynote questions have actually covered massive database joins. Who
the hell references that in a keynote? If you don't know what those
are, consider yourself sane.
Both flavors of modern day nerd are present. The nerd that revels in
his - extreme - social awkwardness. And it is 90 percent his and not
hers here. They are so nerdy that I wonder how midtown Manhattan
accepts them as viable visitors.

And, also prevalent is the reformed business nerd. Much of the same
freaky geek quality, all wrapped in the trappings of a marketer or
executive. I fear I may be one of these nerds.
I often wonder whether the goal of these... Us?... folks is to become
so indistinguishable from the non nerds that they gain real business
credibility. And yet, today, I feel like we will never attain that

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Priya said...

will there be a frat house upon which the nerds take their revenge? have they singled out the blonde cheerleader they will steal from the head jock?