Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feedback, Part Deux

So, it wasn't that bad. Not poorly delivered. And, indeed, on a topic that the person knew pretty well (how to accept all feedback from everyone). I admit, I get cocky sometimes. So, I don't always accept input.

The situation was simply this - translated to wedding language, since that's fun:

A) Maid of honor sent an email to my mother and myself suggesting that maybe my mother would like her own ball gown at the wedding

B) I got annoyed, because I was thinking both that I couldn't afford a ball gown, and that now my mother would want said ball gown, and really, couldn't the maid of honor have sent it to me directly?

C) Mom called me and we discussed it, and she agreed with me that ball gowns don't always compliment her figure, so perhaps, as a first step, we can try one on and see if it makes sense

D) I sent an email back to the maid of honor and mom, saying that we were scheduling an exploratory shopping trip, as a first step

Apparently D was poorly executed, meaning that there was no "thank you for your suggestion, Mom and I talked, and this is what we decided to do."  It was mostly just "This is what we're doing." Brisk. And not welcoming of ongoing input, which, in fairness, I wasn't! 

So, apparently that shone through. What I really wanted to say was "Mom's got expensive taste and can't say no to ball gowns, which clash completely with my wedding theme and also cost too much, so shut the frick up and don't give her any ideas!" - so, I suppose anything more tempered than that is a win. But, I take the point.

Better than expected. Thanks for the support - or at least - the outlet. 

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Priya said...

feedback is nice, but there's a fine line between feedback and personal style. if your personal style is a way you like; then go with it. if you think that your style is affecting your work relationships with your peers or demotivating them, then reconsider it. otherwise, listen to it, and do nothing.