Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hup, Two, Three, Spin

Who knew? The economy is so dire, and our senior citizens' social security situation so poor that they've assumed careers into retirement! Power to all the greaters at Wal*mart, but not every old fart is Grandpa Simpson. Oh no. Some once had illustrious careers training the latest generation of recruits for our Army of One. 

And, missing the thrill of screaming at 18 year old sissies, one such Colonel rediscovered his passion for gruff encouragement in the gentle art of teaching spin class. To suburban Bostonites. 

Officer grandpa and his mild paunch yelled at us for 45 minutes through spin class. From what I can tell from my sample of 5 spin classes, there is no actual method or madness to spin instruction. Basically, they seem to teach 3 positions (1, 2, and.. 3!) and how to tune a bike, and basically encourage folks to "have fun with intervals!"

Gramps, who apparently took a shine to Enya-like music with an african bent, decided screaming "2 minutes left - push it HAAARD" was his version of interval training. It was effective. I'm not going to lie. But I kept feeling like I should scream back "You Can't Handle My Best Effort!"

I bet Grannie loves the days when he gets to let loose on the gym rats. I bet he comes home pretty happy.

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