Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Notes from a conference

As any thongcharm reader knows, I love to blog from conferences. Love it.

Today I am at a one day event, locally, for big tech nerds. It is a
small event, by most standards. No trade show component. My personal
goal is not to eat any trade show food... Which is facilitated by a
trader Joes across the street. Nothing good comes from conference
muffins. Nothing.

Meanwhile I am in a cavernous room filled mostly with men with bad
haircuts and herringbone sport coats. Why???

And, as always, the what.not.to.wear in me can't help but notice the
few womens clothes. For many, it is a chicos kind of day. For others,
they are clearly prepared for tonights PTA meeting. And a select few
seem hellbent on being the object of someone's naughty librarian
fantasy. A bold step forward for women in IT.

In fairness, I chose a pair of slacks, sweater and a blazer. And my
favorite pink scarf since it is chilly out. So I am no fashionista
here. But I am cramping like it is going out of style. So. Eh. Maybe
it should be a chicos kind of day.

But here is my thought for now... When will technology stop being such
a squirrelly field? Not facebook. That's cool. But real back end IT...
Are we doomed to be utterly backwards forever?


As a side note, I think I say a Japanese copycat girl on the train
today. Or maybe she was the real thing. Plaid jacket. School girl
skirt. Printed unitard. Knee socks. Giant plaid now on skirt and on
head. Thick bangs. It was so shinjuku Station. Is that the right one?
Only in Boston. Wierd

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Priya said...

i don't think there is hope for the women of iT. i feel like it will jump from the current fashions directly to the knitting circle girl outfit - but it will be 20 years after its time and only sold at LL Bean