Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rage Against the Machines

Monday night I got a call from a mysterious man named Pat. Pat told me I was in default of a credit balance on an Amex Card that my former employer had me take out. And by former, I mean, "Should this still be on my resume" former. Like, when I worked for this company, I hadn't met the man I am about to marry. When I worked for this company, I was in my "mid 20s." When I worked for this company, we had never heard of the iphone. Yes. This was ages ago. I wont name the company - but let's say they are big. And a bit blue.

So I left this company 100 years ago, bright eyed and bushy tailed having canceled my Amex and submitted all my expense reports. And in that system, the company - not I - wrote the check to amex every month. In fact, I believe I once had a Zero-Balance statement. But, apparently that makes no difference, since at some point, they decided that the expense reports (some of which spent ages sitting on the desk of the crazy greek man who passed for my boss), didn't jive with the amex bill, and apparently "unpaid it." 

Amex dutifully sent my statements back to the company, at my "last known address." Despite, mind you, my having two other cards with them in the ensuing 4 year period, all with new addresses, under the same SSN. And the company never forwarded me a damned thing - since everyone who even knew my name has already moved on. And no one really cares.

So, Pat called me to tell me that someone finally cleared the cobwebs out of the situation and passed me on to collections, and I was now in serious default and this could affect my credit rating.  Granted, we're talking about $250. Which is a LOT of money. But not "installment plan" money. Just TOO MUCH. 

I validated all this. It is not a scam. And I asked how I can get him the money so that maybe the credit report people wont have audited my account before it is cleared. (It only hit default on friday - hence all prior credit reports didn't show it) Check takes too long - besides, I'm 500 miles from my checkbook. He offers to directly withdraw it from my account - hellz no. So, I have to go find a Bank Of America to do a transfer into their account from my account. Which is an Amex Account -it's all kosher. But I'm in BFE Maryland. So I drive to town center  (read: 30 sheep, 1 bank teller and a gas station) and do the transfer mid-afternoon.

I could go fight with the company - but what's the point? I could yell at Amex for not using ANY OF THE ADDRESSES ON FILE. But, what's the point? I could scream at BofA for not doing these things on the phone or online, but, what's the point?

I'm just out $250 bucks.

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Priya said...

that SUCKS. i would write a note to HR at IBM and ask them to put it in your record or something.