Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're in business

Most of my friends are in business, meaning they work for for*profit
companies doing something to increase said profit or at least stem the
loss, these days. All kinds of business, from priya in communications
to others in finance, software, biotech, etc.

But, this weekend I am spending time with people who are less in
business. Lawyers and doctors. And yes, I know, those are businesses
too. But not in the same way, inasmuch as these folks don't do much
sales, marketing, and operations.

When I spend time with non business types, I always come away feeling
like a bit of an alien. Like I am some product pusher and they are
savings lives or justice or d something. Which is true. And I think we
all understand what an er doctor does, thanks for George clooney, but
go figure what a software marketer does!

There are times I revel in the esoteric nature of my job. And others
when I just am dying to get a single follow up question. And others
when I am straight up curious if all these highly educated folks have
half an incling into how our world works.

But then, I suppose ally mcbeal didn't teach us all we should know
about their lives either!

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