Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art? I think?

At the office where I am currently sitting, there's a shelf coming out of the wall in the hallway/walkway. On the very left side of the shelf is a stack of 4 plates, that, by the looks of it, are hand-painted and possibly quite old. Each is rimmed with gold. The image is sort of "meadow landscape" done in what looks like "watercolor", so it's a bit vague.

On the other end of the shelf is a very small human figure - a woman, I think. She stands about 3/4" tall. She is facing the plates.

From the woman to the plates is a mildly windy "path," which looks to be drawn in pencil by hand onto the shelf. The path is 2 simple parallel lines, curving their way to the base of the plate stack.

There is much strange art here. But, is that art? What does it mean? It has no wall-plaque... And I always feel like moving the little woman a bit closer to her dishware goal.

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hornett said...

I'm sure those are 1-4 of a series of 327. Once she has all of them, it will be very impressive I'm sure.