Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before you even leave 617

One of the features of airplane travel is that you can sense your
destination before you even board the plane. In Portland Oregon,
traveling to Boston, you can see a sea of red sox caps and men in
button downs with jeans. In Oregon, such things are utterly out of
place. But the gate to Boston is basically Boston.

Here in Boston, en route to Orlando, I am already at Disney.
Hollering children. Men in suits with their spring break families.
People far too old to be excited, talking about seeing sleeping
beauty. And a smattering of mid twenties couples who asked how long
the shoes off requirements were in place at security.

its a small world after all..... Too darned small at gate 31.

*** passover whine number 2. There is no Passover friendly food at
Logan airport. There goes lunch. I can look forward to the box of
matzo in my suitcase at 3PM.

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