Monday, April 13, 2009


At this point in the passover experience, halfway through, the novelty of matzo and matzo ball soup have worn off. COMPLETELY. Yesterday, I cracked completely and made B take me to Super88 for BiBimBop (before you all go apeshit, I'm technically yemenite-jewish, so I can eat rice on passover. And yes, you're welcome for my not lording it over you. too much. ha!). But today, I'm back to leftover matzo ball soup and a bit of the salad from the office lunch. 

And I'm staring at plates and plates of chocolate chip cookies.

This is not good. It is not good for my faith or my waistline. I'm heading back into "pre-bridal fitness regime" starting next week, and I can't afford to fall in love with chocolate chip. This passover week is my weaning off the brownies and blondies and oatmeal raisins in my life. 

But, right now, could someone replace it with something better than leftover matzo ball soup?

Meanwhile, I thought this would be a good time to warn our blog readers of an impending blogtastic catastrophe. Or maybe you'll considering it a gift - the gift of a window into my sad little psyche. 

I'm going to Orlando tomorrow. And as Molson knows better than anyone (poor guy), I HATE Orlando. Primarily, I hate being in the Dolphin/Swan complex at a conference with no access to a theme park and an unending set of menus that begin with "chicken strips." I hate brides at Orlando. I hate screaming children. I hate everything about it. Now, admittedly, if I spent 5 minutes in any theme park, this might change my opinion. But I've never set foot inside DisneyWorld, and I have been to the property countless times.

I'll be there for 2 nights/3 days. And this time, it's passover, so I can't even eat the chicken strips. I anticipate posts entitled "Damned You, Iceberg Lettuce" and "My kingdom for a real expense account." Be warned. 

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Priya said...

i too, hate orlando. sorry.