Saturday, April 25, 2009

eating at a mediocre restaurant with a german andy warhol

this afternoon we went to the sofia reina museum, a delightfully large museum of the 20th century of spain. it was amazing to see dali´s i´d never seen before, picasso´s guernica and so much more right in front of me.

after the museum, we went to the world´s worst ´cafeteria´restaurant. when we walked in i knew it was going to be bad. it had a slightly dated ´this is where i come because i´m suburban and don´t get out much´feel to it. when we sat down, there was a very blond man wearing a very cheap looking, american flag neckerchief with a light blue jean shirt and andy warhol glasses eating with his soldier lover.

the food proceeded. not knowing what the day´s platter was and it seemed like a lot of food, we chose something called entradas thinking they would be entrees. here is what we got:

queso manchego - a wheel of cheese with walnuts on top. that´s it. just the cheese. we figured out later that manchego is a type of cheese. it tastes like parmesan. i found a spare ziploc bag in my purse (1 gallon for the plane!) and we dumped the rest of it in there. should make a nice snack with about 5 loaves of bread.

bacalao - similar to what we´d have gotten in brazil, except instead of being served in fried ball shape, we got a plate sized serving of the fried, salty fish. yum.

gambas - well thankfully my dish was clearly shrimp as i´d hoped, briefly i was concerned i´d get bull testicles (which i´ve had before and i don´t recommend). the shrimp came completely headed and tailed and footed, i had to clean them off. but shrimp is shrimp.

just when we thought we couldn´t laugh any harder over our bizarre meal, and our pocketing of the cheese wheel in the ziploc bag, andy warhol stood up with an oversize louis vutton bag and sauntered out of the place.

that was it, we lost it. as tourist traps go, consider me sold.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Man, that is so much more adventure than a 2 hour loop of the mass ave bridge and the esplanade. Here's to cheese!