Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Geek small talk

You know how, in every circle, there are repeated conversations? The
weather is always a good topic. MBA students complain about economic
homework. Moms talk potty training. And the miracle of swaddling. Or

Well, geeks have their own default conversations. They always make me cringe.

*how conference badges should be rfid tagged by now, instead of scanned.

* how the coffee is always starbucks. As if that means it isn't sour and burnt.

* how the product release is late. Its always late. And how it is
never anyones fault.

* sales guys. Anything bad about them. And sales guys are included in there

* youth. But then everyone hates youth.

As to the Disney report, I am surviving. More later on my new plan. I
call it the anti presence.

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