Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mid-Day Fantasy

A dear friend of mine - and a coworker - might have one of the "biggest" personalities of anyone I know. She is a former ballerina, meaning she has enough presence to truly carry a scene, and she's ridiculously down to earth, so she could easily execute comedy. Without her, I'm fairly certain that my days at the office would be bleak indeed.

Today, when we were chatting, I realized I had hit upon an awesome daydream about her - no no not that kind!

If we had a time machine (it's an investment office. s
urely we could commission one!), I'd send her back to 1985, and give her a starring role on Dallas. 

It would be amazing. We could dress her up in bad sequined ensembles, get her some nice long fake nails and giant hair and give her lines like:

Never cross a woman in 3-inch heels, darling.

Well, I don't mind saying I'm a divorcee.

She could extract a pearl-handled ladies pistol from her clutch and kill JR with a well manicured finger on the trigger - and the final sentiment:

I should have done ages ago.. you've lived too long already.

It would be perfect. I could watch season after season of that... and I know she'd relish every day on set, executing these ridiculous lines opposite Joan Collins. It would be maaahvellous. 

And then I got to thinking - what TV show, past or present  - should I star in? And Priya?  thoughts?  


Rachel Ann said...


Also, I am so sitcom-y. Something fluffy where I could buy my wardrobe from The Gap. In my young and pretentious days, I could have totally rocked an old school high school drama like Dawson's Creek.

Priya said...

this is your finest post

Priya said...

the only sitcom i've ever truly loved was 3rd rock from the sun. i could have been the sitar wielding ethnic neighbor.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

See, if you asked me where I'd *want* to be, it would be Family Ties, as Alex P Keaton's girlfriend. But, where I should be?

Well, honestly, I always thought I'd make a decent deanna troi...