Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Pioneer

I now am a loyal follower of the Pioneer Woman's blog ( ), and love to hear her day of amazing food, happy kids, and ranch life. In some alternate universe, in which I'm attracted to ranchers, that's totally my life.

But, while I'm an urban jewish girl in this particular space-time continuum, I sometimes tap into that instinct. Like today, when I made dinner for 9 for passover. And if I do say so myself, I managed it all while basically completing my work duties today as well. And the brisket came out SO good. Oh gosh, amazing. There's none left. None. Not a bite.

I should give pioneer woman my recipe.

While I do it because it is passover, and I love a good holiday, I also do it because I love bringing together friends and family, and opening my home to a warm, festive meal. Nothing brings people together like wine and mashed potatoes, and orchestrating that makes all the chopping, dicing and roasting worthwhile. I think of those who can't join us this year, those who are new to our celebration, and all those who are with us, year after year. I feel so blessed. 

Happy passover, friends and family! I love you all!

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Priya said...

i just checked out this blog and i TRULY do not think pioneer woman is real. i think she was created by someone in nyc and it's all going to turn out to be a marketing gimmick. you should buy a used copy of little house on the prarie somewhere - that would make great summer reading.