Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so obvious

one of the best things about working is learning how incredibly obvious people are.  you can see their plans, ambitions, insecurities so clearly and easily.   is it just me?  and it's not even just work.  

take the taxi ride from the bus station in lima to our hotel.  

taximan: "if you drive to this hotel it will be cheaper."
me: "we don't mind paying 5 extra soles"
taximan: "you'll like this other hotel, it's cheap."
me: "we want this one, its on ___."
taximan: "i can't find the street you mention."
me: "it's right here"
taximan: "i can't find the address on this street.  let's just go to the other place!"
me: "no"

and see - taximan could have saved his petrol and i'd have given him a 10 soles tip just for leaving us out of it.

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