Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update: Hell

Okay, I know. I have been alarmist about Disney. But, I swear, I was doing well. I was even going to explain my philosophy of conference. But that will have to wait for this - my first true tirade.

Now, I know, the world does not revolve around me, or the 5% (2%? .5%?) of the world that happens to be jewish. But, we're not 0%. And this damned company keeps throwing their conferences on our holidays. And yes, it irks me.

Being here during passover sucks. But the insult-to injury is their apparent TOTAL LACK of any thought to the situation. Plenty of people simply avoid leavened foods and go about their business as normal, so a basic menu of sandwiches could be deconstructed. Some matzo in the bread bowl. Chicken. Fish. Potato chips. Soup. It isn't that hard, people.

But no - NO. They went with the one food that was impossible to separate from its gluten. Pasta stations. 

And now, let me exclaim .. I HATE iceberg lettuce. And that's my entire lunch.

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