Saturday, April 11, 2009

why we love paula dean

there is something wonderful that the food network chef paula dean puts out into this world.  i think about this a lot actually - when we create and express - a blog post, a picture, a book, a video, anything - we put something out there -  an emotion, a thought, an influence.  sometimes those influences can build into something bad.  i loved the movie exorcist, but  i'm rather glad i wasn't the twisted mind that gave our collective consciousness that little girl and her head turning round and round and she crabwalked backwards down the stairs.   

and that is why i love paula dean.  what she puts into the world is abundance and simplicity.  a world where one can keep eating butter and sugar forever without actual consequences to the arteries.  a world where one can be overweight and mildly insane and still have a sailor as a husband and two cute sons who start their own cooking show.  a world where one can be unschooled and not even that good at cooking, but can carry on a tv show about cooking whose main activities are melting butter, frying bacon and assembling the ingredients of a cake in a pan.  

this world paula dean is in.. i think it shares the same world wavelength with the eurovision song contest, the average bollywood movie, celebrity gossip magazines, you know?  a simpler world.  full of outrageous costumes, little talent and loyal fans like me.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

I agree completely. We tend to overcomplicate. Over-analyze. We dont just say.. let's dump a can of blueberries over a can of crushed pineapple and cover it in a box of cake mix and butter - and call it a crumb cake. To hell with mixing bowls!

And even in our complicated world, it doesn't hurt to have that option.