Monday, May 4, 2009

dimwitted american tourists

we really had a moment in spain.  on may 1st, someone mentioned to us it was a national holiday.  for what?  we said.  oh for workers.  right.  of course i had no idea that something called May Day existed, an international labor holiday for workers everywhere.  and why would we, after all, being from america.  so what did we do?  well, the museum and all the major tourist monuments in madrid being closed, we decided to go to the biggest train station in madrid, sol / plaza mayor to hang out.  then i get home and see that world wide there were parades / marches  which sometimes became violent on may day.  i have fulfilled my dimwitted american tourist moment.

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Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Omg. May day is for reals. it's like the only holiday the communists allowed. now, there are precious few communists left. but still.