Thursday, May 21, 2009

just do it

i'm learning how to make small, quick plans, that my or may not be right.  instead of elegant, complicated, intricate plans that thought of something as a "system".  

and it's nice because i take joy from the doing of things, not really from the planning of them.  half the fun is figuring something out once you're in the middle of it.  if you've ever gone to a climbing gym or bouldered a rock, you know what i mean.  it's why i love to travel - because there is no plan and you just intuit things as you go.

 for example i have a love/hate relationship with jockey hollow because it's a beautiful place to run but it taunts me with its hills.  so i ran it, and as i got started, i decided i'd do the telephone pole thing.  run 2 lengths, walk one length as a recovery.  if i could run more great, if not, i had an out.  what i didn't expect is that precisely because i took the 2 on 1 off approach, i actually learned some new running techniques.  i learned how holding the upper body erect while running up a hill makes it easier to keep a certain speed even on a really hard hill and finish the whole hill.  and i learned the difference between an incline and a hill.

so in summary - get out there and just do it people.  it's memorial day.  you need to enjoy it.

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