Sunday, May 10, 2009

mediocre runs

this weekend i had two mediocre runs.  i ran at least 50 minutes, i didn't do bad, but i really wanted to take the hills with style and i just could not do them.  my legs were sore from yoga and my 4th floor apartment, and they just burnt out.  i hate being that runner that stops to walk on the hill and then passes everyone cruising on the downhill.  i was totally that runner though.

but: mediocre runs are good for you.

yes, because it means you are pushing your body in some way - it's too hot, too cold, too windy, your legs are sore, something.  your body is working harder than normal, and that means that you are getting something from the workout.

it's true in life too.  those ho-hum mediocre days are there to make you stronger, more resilient, toughen you up, so that the great days can be all that much better.

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