Monday, May 11, 2009


Let me tell you all.. allergies are the bane of my existence. BANE. And I'm not a sick-day person. Here's the reason why... 

a) I feel as though a sick day is an indulgence
b) as an indulgence, I should use it when it is convenient
c) it is very rarely convenient

So, I am sitting in an office where, at least, the air is filtered 100 times over. And I find myself staring at powerpoint hoping and wishing that it might complete itself. And considering how to tell my boss that the market size he has in mind exists exclusively in his own mind. Hence, the meaning of truth from last week.

While I'm at it, can I rant about a couple things?

1)  I have no idea how admins do it. I really don't. Today I want to kill all overweight middle aged men asking for a cookie or a water or whatever. I'm so glad I am not in their role, though I know, on the outside, I'm mistaken for an admin whenever I sit in this office. and I resent that, even though I feel some solidarity with them. I guess I feel like screaming - "I'm not one of them... and neither are they! They are whole people!"

2) I love New York. I wish I could live there now, for a summer. That would make me so happy - since this time, I know I'd do it right.. 


Rachel Ann said...

I thought about admins a lot today too and how silly it is to be catered to. Will I ever have an admin? Will I be able to sleep at night?

Priya said...

you could totally live in new york again!! it's here waiting for you