Wednesday, May 27, 2009

some white spaces are best left untouched

here at thongcharm, we love to point out the ridiculous yet true product ideas out there.  heck, that's what we're named after.

so i have to say - a low cost airline offering $9 flights from newark to lansing, subidized by local state/city governments?

bad idea. 

niche marketing.  taken too far.

it's doubly unproductive.  lower the price of transportation below it's actual cost to the environment or willingness to pay, using government subidies which could be spent on more productive things to the economy/society.  

i think that's somehow similar to the processed food crap out there - creating entire industries designed to sell you food that isn't really nutritious, which can actually harm you.  and then if that's not enough, industry associations to convince you that they are really good for you.

or WAIT.  what about the entire alcohol industry?  or cigarettes?  or fast food?  or cell phones?  or TVs?  perhaps, work with me here, there's an infinite loop here on capitalism.

the desire to sell a product drives an increased behavior in marketing.  marketing tends to embellish reality and point out desires - sex, money, drugs, rock & roll, being thin, being cool and stuff that isn't associated with virtue.  marketing leads to the belief the product is fundamentally sound.  which increases the belief the product is actually good for you.  so in the end, everyone believes that doing what they want is a really, really good idea.  and just to help them along, company revenue must rise inexorably upwards; progress, like manifest destiny, is a given.

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